May 17

UPDATE: I would strongly recommend reading the following link prior to mucking about int he windows 7 registry. The changes required vary with different versions of Samba. You have been warned!

I had a client request a Windows 7 RC1 system so that they could test their product against the latest candidate from Redmond. Their network is made up of a mix of Windows clients on Linux/Samba servers. Setting up the new client was fairly easy, but, as expected, Windows 7 refused to join to a the Samba domain stating that the domain in question was not available. Having gone through something similar when we finally added Vista clients I expected to have to update Samba to get this to work. Turns out you have to add two reg keys as well. Since it took me a fair bit of search to find this, I thought I’d document the required changes here, if for no other reason to save myself the trouble when I went to do it again…

  1. First you need to be running Samba v3.3.4 or later. Earlier versions have been reported to work, but there are some issues. Since this version is not available in the OS repos (CentOS) I got my copy from the Samba Enterprise site. They carry packages in RHEL, SLES, and Debian flavors and I have been using them for some time.
  2. Next the Windows 7 client needs to have two registry keys added.

    DWORD DomainCompatibilityMode = 1
    DWORD DNSNameResolutionRequired = 0
  3. The following key needs to be changed or you will receive an error when trying to login using a domain accout of “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.”

    RequireStrongKey = 0

Once these changes were made I was able to join the domain. I did receive an error on the join as shown in the following image, but the system seems to be working fine.


I’m assuming this will be resolved in future releases. Hope this helps save somebody at least a few minutes…

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  3. ethel prunehat Says:

    Presumably if DNS was configured for this domain, it wouldn’t be necessary to set “DNSNameResolutionRequired = 0″?

    Perhaps future versions of Samba could use RNDC to update Bind with the required information.

  4. TemporalBeing Says:

    @ethel prunehat – not everyone uses BIND on Linux.

    Just for starters:

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  6. John Haltiwanger Says:

    Additionally I had to be sure that ‘encrypt passwords = yes’ was set in the [global] section of my /etc/smb.conf .

    This looks like a good candidate for a .reg file.

    Thanks for posting man!

  7. Claus-Christoph Küthe Says:

    Thank you, saved my day.

  8. Jason Robbins Says:

    Thank you for the post! I have a related follow up that I wonder if you have encountered. Have you seen instances of Win7 boxes losing their trust relationship with the domain? and thus preventing user login?

    Thanks again

  9. Brad Myers Says:

    I’m guessing that the DNSNameResolutionRequired has more to do with the SRV records not being on the DNS server. BIND is capable of locating Domain Controllers, but does require SRV records to be added.

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  11. Damian Says:

    Thanks a lot for this it works.

  12. GregoireM Says:

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    Thanks a lot, you save me :p

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